Some back to school daily workout inspiration

Now that school has started, it’s time to get back into a daily routine again, but it can sometimes be hard to find the motivation.  There is so much workout inspiration available on the internet, but we especially love a website called, Move/Nourish/Believe where we found the photo below to pin to our refrigerator. We also wanted to give a shout-out to a great recipe and  nutrition site by Birmingham native Alison Lewis, called Ingredients, Inc. She posts wonderful recipes that are healthy, family-friendly, and quick and easy, including one of our family favorites, Banana bread made with Greek yogurt!  We’d love to know some of your favorite sources of motivation or your motivation tips!  Let us hear from you!
Workout inspiration

Think you don’t have the body for barre fitness? Excuses, excuses….

Don’t tell Misty Copeland that you don’t have the body type for ballet or barre fitness! She’s defied all odds! Misty proves that a commitment to barre fitness can give you an athlete’s body with superior strength, flexibility, grace, and balance, regardless of the body type with which you were blessed! She’s certainly an inspiration to us in encouraging all levels of fitness, strength, age, and flexibility in our barre routines.

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