New routine – New prop! Boo!

Black WitchAt Grand Jete’, we love keeping things festive, fresh and fun! Our new routine this month features the use of a new “prop”, the exercises are challenging and effective.

And the music?  IT ROCKS!  Enjoy our happy leap to fall and all it has to offer!

Laura Armistead
Your Grand Jeté Good Witch

We know you have choices…

Barre fitness has proven to be so effective that it has become VERY popular!  We hear of new barre fitness studios opening frequently.  We know you now have lots of choices!  So why continue to choose Grand Jeté?

First, we know our instructors are THE BEST!  They train very hard so that they can keep our clients  encouraged, interested, challenged, and fit.  We are constantly on the lookout for great new music to complement our routines.   And we change our routines frequently, both to prevent boredom and to focus on different muscles (although each class is a total body workout).  Many of our clients have been coming for years now – and we know it’s due to our awesome instructors!

Our TeamMost of them not only have a fitness background, but have actually been ballet dancers, like owner Laura Armistead.  It’s not just about fitness at Grand Jeté.  It’s truly GRACE, STRENGTH, BEAUTY,  WELLNESS.  It’s a lifestyle for our instructors.  As Laura states, in Fit and Well Magazine, “At Grand Jeté, you CAN be a ballerina, if only for an hour.  And who doesn’t want to feel graceful and beautiful?”  Our boutique even provides clothing and accessories to help you look and feel the part.

Finally, our studio is pristine, beautiful, spa-like, and very accessible, located in the heart of English Village. Our goal is to enable you to leave refreshed, inspired, energized, and with new friendships.  And we are thrilled that so many others have discovered what we’ve known all along.  BALLERINAS ARE FIT AND FABULOUS!