Our instructors will lead you in an hour long routine that will help you reach your health goals while strengthening your arms, legs and core. We use classical ballet technique, the ballet barre, strength training and stretching to lengthen and strengthen all of your muscles.

Your posture and flexibility will improve, leaving you feeling confident and invigorated.

Don’t let the words “ballet” or “barre” discourage you. You don’t need any ballet or dance experience to participate in and benefit from our classes.

We offer classes throughout the day, Monday through Friday, as well as on the weekends. Class schedules can be found online or you can pick up a current schedule at the studio.

Is this your first time?

If you are ready to get started and it’s your first time, then you will need to register online. The profile you create will help you keep track of your attendance and purchases. And remember, the first class is always free at Grand Jeté.

Changes in class schedule

Follow us on Facebook to keep track of any last minute changes due to weather and unforeseen circumstances. If you are registered for the class we will be able to contact you as well. Grand Jeté will be closed on Good Friday, Easter and Christmas.


  • First Class Free — Limit one (1) free class per client
  • New Client Special — Limit one (1) special per client
  • Students discounts available — Just ask
  • Terms — All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable

 Studio Courtesies

  • Arrive a few minutes prior to the start of class
  • Silence your cell phone and leave in cubbies
  • Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio
  • Wear socks or ballet shoes and keep your legs and midriff covered
  • If you need to leave a class early, please notify the instructor prior to class and quietly excuse yourself

Specialty Classes

Circuit Barre

This cardio barre class will enable you to get the fat burning effects of an aerobic workout without having to join a gym or take a run in bad weather. This class features 20-30 minutes of heart rate elevating routines along with the muscle strengthening and toning effects of your favorite barre exercises for the remainder of the hour.  We’ll utilize interval training, plyometric drills, functional weight training and core stability work combined with user-friendly dance and classic cardio moves. Portions of the class feature moderate-impact activity.

What do I wear?

We highly recommend lightweight or “barefoot style” supportive trainers for footwear. Please save your circuit barre footwear for indoor use only and bring them to class just like you do your barre socks or ballet shoes. Get ready to sweat!

When are classes offered?

Starting in November, classes will be offered on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm and select Saturday mornings at 8:00am

How do I sign up?

Sign up on MindBody online or with the mindbody app – classes will be listed as “GJ circuit barre”.

Recommended shoes for Circuit Barre

The most important aspects of the shoe for this class are that the foot is cushioned and supported during the moderate-impact cardio activities and that the bottom tread on the shoe is as flat and minimal as possible to avoid excess wear to the carpeted floor. We ask that you save your CB shoes for indoor use only and to bring them to class just like you do your barre socks or ballet slippers. Below are our two recommended options that are available both locally and online.

Merrell Vapor Glove 2
This is a “barefoot” style shoe that feels like a ballet slipper but with more support and bottom traction. These are available at the Merrell store in the Summit and online at See a GJ instructor for local pricing information.

Capezio Bolt Dance Sneaker
This is a lightweight, low profile dance sneaker that feels like a cross between a jazz slipper and a heavier aerobic trainer. These are available at Applause Dancewear in Homewood and online at or See a GJ instructor for local pricing information.

The expiration is following date of first use, not date of purchase.

Unlimited Package – $200 a month

It is a monthly, auto-renewing contract that you can cancel at any time with 30-days written notice.

Wait List Policy

  • The online wait-list option is available for 6:00am, 8:15am, 5:30pm, and Saturday – 8:00am classes.  If the class is full, clients will have the ability to add their name to this list when registering for a class through MindBody.
  • For our other classes, clients may add their name to the wait-list by e-mailing us.
  • Please note that clients with unlimited membership receive priority as it pertains to the wait-list.
  • Clients will receive an e-mailing confirming their spot in the class if/when one is available.
  • Clients wait-listed for a weekday-6:00am or Saturday-8:00am class must check their e-mail at or after 6:00pm on the evening prior to the class.  After the 6:00pm cancellation window has closed, no wait-listed clients will be automatically added to the following morning’s class.
  • Clients wait-listed for any other barre class must check their e-mail at or less than one-hour prior to the start of class.  Following the one-hour cancellation window has closed, no wait-listed client will be automatically added to the class.
  • As a courtesy, please only utilize the wait-list if you are certain you can attend the specified class.
  • Also, please remove your name from the wait-list if you are no longer able to attend the specified class.
  • The cancellation policy still applies to clients being added from a wait-list.
  • We reserve the right to adjust this policy as necessary for full classes.  Affected clients will be notified via e-mail.


  • Please register online or via the MindBody phone app prior to attending any of our classes.
  • If you are unable to attend a class for which you have registered, please cancel online. This is imperative, as we observe the right to charge any client for a no-show or late cancel.
  • For any weekday-6:00am or Saturday-8:00am barre class, please cancel online by 6:00pm the prior evening. Anything beyond that, including the morning of the class, is considered a late cancel and may carry a fee.
  • For all other classes, please cancel online at least 1 hour prior to the start of class. Anything beyond that is considered a late cancel and may carry a fee.
  • We observe the right to adjust the cancellation window for any full class with a wait list. We will notify all registered clients of any change via e-mail.

We appreciate your assistance in observing our cancellation policy. If you have any questions about our cancellation policy or anything else, contact us at (205) 803-1003.